Brian Schiff - Injury Prevention, Sports Rehab & Performance Training Expert

Brian Schiff - Injury Prevention, Sports Rehab & Performance Training Expert

Welcome to the product section of my site.  All of these products were specifically designed to prevent injury, rehab injuries, and enhance general health and sports performance.  I have taken great care and precision in designing the most effective training programs to meet your needs.  I personally guarantee all of these products with a 60 day NO Questions Asked money back guarantee as well.

Phone Consulting - PC1

Private 30 minute phone coaching session with Brian Schiff to answer your personal questions and get in depth information reagrding your training program or one of Brian's specific programs or products. Contact me at for more information.


The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide (E-Book) - FP1

Has your life been completely ruined due to severe shoulder pain and stiffness? If so, you need to be performing a daily exercise routine to prevent further motion loss and free up the use of you arm again.

This e-book (instant download) will show you excatly what stretches and range of motion exercises you need to get back your shoulder movement again. It also includes a free bonus summary poster emailed to you for reference while doing the exercises. For more information and to order online, visit


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The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide (E-Book) - RCE

This electronic book (instant download) will reveal an effective shoulder program designed by me to alleviate shoulder pain related to bursitis, tendinitis and overuse symptoms in the shoulder. In many cases, strengthening the shoulder is also effective in improving or significantly reducing pain related to rotator cuff tears.

The manual includes a six week program for inflamed and healthy shoulders, as well as instructions on how to modify common gym exercises that cause shoulder pain and dysfunction. For more details and to order the e-book, visit


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