Brian Schiff - Injury Prevention, Sports Rehab & Performance Training Expert

Brian Schiff - Injury Prevention, Sports Rehab & Performance Training Expert

In the following section, you will have access to articles written specifically on various topics related to health, fitness and sport specific training.  Be sure to check back frequently for updated content.

Return to Play Training: a functional approach to exercise selection and progression
Posted: April 2008

Ever wonder how to optimize rehab and minimize recovery from an injury? This article leads you step...

Proper Exercise Application Defines Fitness Success
Posted: May 2007

Learn how to eliminate training mistakes that slow or interfere with results. Discover why choosing...

Get Great Shoulders Fast
Posted: April 2007

Brian Schiff was featured in the USA Weekender in this informative article on how to avoid common sh...

Take it easy: overtraining causes stress fractures
Posted: March 2007

Brian Schiff was interviewed for this article featured in Central Ohio Health Magazine. It provides...

Stuck in a Workout Rut?
Posted: February 2007

Have you ever wondered how to overcome a fitness plateau? This article will shed some light on how ...

Avoiding Common Exercise Pitfalls
Posted: September 2006

Is your workout yielding the results you expected to see? Do you really know how to get the most fr...

Dangerous Shoulder Exercises
Posted: September 2006

Learn how 5 common exercises at the gym can absolutely ruin your shoulders! See how to modify these...

Rotator cuff: Exercises and strategies to prevent injury!!!!
Posted: September 2004

Have you been experiencing a dull ache or persistent shoulder pain that is interfering with your dai...

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